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A simple analytics dashboard for Todoist to get the bigger picture about your productivity.

Why Dolytics

I love Todoist. I've been a paying customer for years and it has revolutionised my productivity.

There is one thing I REALLY don't like about it.

It doesn't allow me to see the bigger picture about my productivity.
I can only see how many tasks I've completed in the last 7 days. That's not very helpful.

What about trends? What if you want to know if your productivity has gone up or down in the last 3 months? Or 6? How about knowing how often you complete or reschedule a recurring task?

Without this information I am left with wild guesses.

This is why I'm building Dolytics, a simple dashboard that gives you all the information you need in one place. It gives you the bigger picture.

It allows me to answer questions like: "How many times have I postponed gym in the last 3 months?" or "What's the weekly completion rate of my business tasks from February to September?"

If you, as well, would like to know more about yourself and be able to answer these questions, Dolytics is for you.

✅ Average tasks completed broken down by day/week/month/year
✅Most active days of the week
✅Most active time of the day
✅Completion rate (how often you complete recurring tasks over a period of time)
✅How often a recurring task is rescheduled or postponed
✅Which recurring tasks get postponed the most
✅And more...

I'm building Dolytics to be flexible but at the same time to don't waste your time with miniscule details.

I believe that when it comes to productivity, knowing (and acting upon) the big things is much more important than knowing the little ones.

Which is why I want to know from you what you think are the big things. I'm building Dolytics in the open and I'm trying to involve you in the decision making process as much as possible. Almost any decision is crowdsourced or the result of a suggestion.

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Manuel Frigerio

by Manuel Frigerio